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Physical fitness for trekking

Are you a trekker? Want to get fit and train yourself for your frequent trekking trips? Get your copy of Physical fitness for trekking.

Tennis elbow and a series of unfortunate accidents

What is "Tennis Elbow" and why does it take so long to heal? Is it because it is an incurable / poorly understood condition or do a series of unfortunate events lead to its delayed healing?

Is "gymming" a bad word?

People, who regularly exercise, generally divide themselves into two groups: the ones who love "gymming" and the rest who hate going to the gym. Increasingly, it is More fashionable to train in various other ways: functional training, Pilates, Yoga, Power Yoga, Cross Fit classes, etc. In fact, weight training has almost become a bad word, and we often find it really difficult to convince people of its benefits.

Pre Diabetes

Age-onset or Type 2 Diabetes is a metabolic disease (Metabolism is the process by which body synthesises and uses food that we eat). Over time, wrong food habits, lack of exercise and a stressful lifestyle load the metabolic system beyond its capacity, and the body can no longer manufacture and use insulin for the conversion of food to energy.

Pre-Diabetes Recommendations

Type 2 Diabetes is preventable with early detection and lifestyle modification. If your fasting blood sugars are normal but above 100 mg/ dl, and your 2 hour-post lunch sugars are normal but above 140 mg/ dl, you are in a "Pre-Diabetic" stage. In fact, if you are obese, above 35 and have a stressful lifestyle with erratic eating habits, you may want to be careful even if your blood sugar levels are lower!!

Sports Rehabilitation

An athlete is made of a cocktail mix of: Preparation, Participation, Competition, Injury, Determination, Spirit, Emotion and Dependence!!

Vision Of Prakruti Clinic

In the 21st century, "Health and Fitness" have a new meaning. Rapid advances in the field of science and electronics have made lifestyles More and More sedentary, and the pressures of urban living have made life extremely stressful. An increasing number of urban illnesses are affecting our society, and are all caused by our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Cardiac diseases, diabetes, degenerative diseases of the joints (arthritis) are all a direct result of urban lifestyles.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder is a phrase dreaded by all who have suffered shoulder pain. It is also one of the most poorly understood problems in orthopaedic medicine and because of the time it takes to resolve (if at all), it is also considered untreatable.

Rotator Cuff

If you have a vague pain in your shoulder, you find it difficult to lift your arm at a particular angle, or if you feel a sharp pain while doing some overhead activities, you may be told that you have a “rotator cuff” injury/ tear.

Recovery after Ligament Injury

Ligaments are bands of tough fibrous connective tissue that connect one bone to another to form a joint. They are made of collagen, and should not be confused with “Tendons” which connect muscle to bone. Ligaments hold the joint together, limit the unwanted movements in a joint and sometimes completely prevent a particular movement. Ligaments are elastic (Like a rubber band) and can lengthen to allow the required movement in a joint and then come back to normal length. But if they are overstretched repeatedly (like repeated ankle sprain) or for a long period of time, they lose their ability to come back to their original length. An over lengthened ligament will no longer be able to fulfil its function of protecting the joint from excessive movement and this may cause recurrent twisting/ buckling putting the person at risk of falls. Some people are born with extra long/ stretched ligaments giving them “hyper mobility” in all joints. This is called “Hyper laxity”.

Tennis FAQs

Amateur players are typically of two types: Young children who have been put in the sport by parents to encourage fitness and learn a new game, and executives of the age 30 +, who have now settled in their career and have time and money to pursue a hobby.


The word “Arthritis” means inflammation (swelling) in the joint. Arthritis can be of . Many types… Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Infective arthritis, Gouty arthritis, and many More. In this article we will talk about osteoarthritis, particularly about the knee joint.


The early years are very important for laying the foundations of good nutrition. The nutritional deficiencies created at this age may result in diminished cognitive skills, and life long eating patterns that may cause disorders later in life leading to obesity.


Hypertension, though originally associated with the older age group (50 and above), is now increasingly found in a much younger age group. Youngsters, in their 20,s and 30’s are now suffering from “High Blood Pressure”.


Achilles, the bravest and strongest of Greek warriors had only one weak point in his body…the tendon at the back of his heel…he could be defeated in battle only by a blow to this heel tendon. Closer home, our own Lord Krishna also had only one weak area…the heel…Though these are only mythological stories, many of us do suffer from heel pain at some time or the other in our lives….

Target Heart Rate

T.H.R. is actually a range from 70-80% of your predicted maximum heart rate based on your age. Exercise of sufficient frequency and duration in this heart rate range has been proven to provide the desired training benefits for cardio-vascular/respiratory fitness.