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Diet and exercises are part of lifestyle packages. Lifestyle packages are meant to make small but lasting positive changes to your current lifestyle. There are various factors that change a person's approach, at Prakruti we concentrate on changing eating habits and introducing optimum exercises.

There are different options available in our packages. Your package will include a diet prescription, regular follow ups (No of follow-ups will depend on package), exercise prescription. Some of our packages have option of doing supervised exercise at our facility.

Exercises are planned according to individual needs and goals. Your exercises are planned by our consultants. Click here to know more about our consultants.

Yes, we work from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday to Saturday and your timings at the clinic are flexible, but you need to pre-book an appointment for all sessions. We strictly follow appointments.

The first consultation will start with a detailed understanding of your current dietary pattern, family + medical history, and your personal dietary goals. We will then take your weight, girth measurements, fat percentages (where required), and prescribe blood tests. You will also be advised as to which plan we would like to recommend for your specific needs.

Your Second appointment will include prescription of a suitable diet plan and possibly a practical demonstration of an exercise plan (do come suitably dressed for that). Follow-ups are done at regular intervals depending upon your package. It includes weight and girth measurement, your feedback about diet, any discomfort with diet, any modifications depending on your goals and targets achieved.

Yes, we can have an online assessment as well as regular online follow-ups for patients who cannot attend the clinic. Please email us at for further information regarding this facility.

Yes. We will provide gym visits at an extra cost. The time will be mutually decided according to the availability of therapist timings. You have to make all arrangements and take permissions required from your gym for our physiotherapist for supervised sessions. All additional charges levied by gym will be borne by you.

Your progress will be monitored by regular follow-ups and girth measurements taken at regular intervals. If your package includes supervised exercise at our facility then there are daily weight / BP checks.

One of our physiotherapists will assist you for your exercises.

No. Your exercise plan is well planned and all our physiotherapists are trained to take care of your exercise plan. We may try to assign a therapist to you, but it cannot be promised and there may be daily changes.

Duration of each session is between 45-60 minutes. Those requiring more time or those who have certain goals that demand specialised exercises may require more time, and will be asked to pay extra.

Inch loss occurs simultaneously at various parts, and "spot reduction" is a myth. We may concentrate on problem areas and achieve "toning".

Yes. But if you have done some blood tests in the last 2 months then please bring them along, if our consultant finds them sufficient, you may not be required to do any further tests (However, this is at the sole discretion of the consultant).

It is important to understand that weight loss is a long term process, and actually should not be the primary goal: it should be the by-product of healthy living. With our specialised help in diet and exercise, and your faith and effort, you will surely get positive results. We do not practice crash diets. Our weight loss targets are planned according to scientific methods. There are different packages as per your need. On an average, we aim for 2-2.5 kg per month weight loss.

No. There are no crash diets.

Yes. We can provide you with a detoxification diet, but we strongly advocate lifestyle changes that are long-lasting and do not provide short term diets.

There is no substitute to exercise, but we can provide you with convenient solutions.

We provide area specific diets for domestic / international travelers and provide options for ordering food in restaurants with planned goals.

Cash/Cheque/Cards/Online transfer.

We have plans for only exercise programs. Exercises are planned according to your needs and medical conditions (if any).

No we do not have a refund policy. All payments are collected in advance and all packages are non-transferable, non-extendable, non-refundable.

Discounts or reduction in fees for any reason whatsoever will be at management's discretion only. We do have periods of time in the year when we offer discounts on various packages.

Yes. GST is levied on all packages as per govt norms.All charges are inclusive of applicable GST. Please enquire for further clarification. .

You have to bring a clean pair of exercise shoes, comfortable clothing for exercise, a napkin and a bottle of water.

There are a few options available for muscle growth. All options and programs can be explained when you inquire. You can reach us on +91-22-26360235 or +91-9920411665