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If you are a fresh graduate Physiotherapist, or a Masters in MSk/ Sports/ Cardio-Pulmonary Physiotherapy, you can work with us.

If you are an Occupational Therapist/ Nutritionist/ Fitness Instructor, you can learn with us, and we might integrate you into our team.

Whatever your background, you are definitely going to enjoy working with us! We are always looking for new applications, and usually take in about 5-6 new therapists a year..

Our physios share their experience at Prakruti

Dr. Priyanka Bodhe

Prakruti SSPC Pvt Ltd is an inseparable part of my life. I first heard about the clinic through a few of my seniors at KEM Hospital during my fourth year of Bachelors of Physiotherapy. Soon after, my friends and I attended a lecture conducted by Dr. Harshada Rajadhyaksha and Dr. Vipul Chavda. The lecture was nothing but mesmerizing. Their views about the practice of Physiotherapy in India were way ahead of time. Dr Harshada, the director of Prakruti SSPC, had meticulously designed a way of practice not many clinics in Mumbai followed at the time...
It was at Prakruti SSPC that I experienced first-hand a balance between electrotherapy, manual therapy, and exercise therapy. Dr Harshada's clinical reasoning to correctly balance the three was what uplifted the quality of care received by patients at Prakruti SSPC. It came as no surprise that the clinics at Versova and Bandra (East) saw a tremendous influx of patients from all walks of life including but not limited to well-known sports players, actors, artists, businessmen, etc. This breath of exposure not only refined my clinical skills but also helped me become an effective communicator and a decent professional. In addition to the above, the support from the administrative team at the clinic provided by the reception staff and the clinic manager made the day to day running of the clinic smooth.
The working environment at the clinic was no piece of cake. It was challenging. But after working at the Prakruti SSPC for 3 years and since then having studied and worked in Australia for the past 5 years I can undoubtedly say that Prakruti SSPC taught me ways of being a professional no school could have ever taught me. When I started my Master of Clinical Physiotherapy program at University of South Australia, I realised I was already trained to think in a way which helped me cope with my university studies better than I expected.
I now come to realise that Prakruti SSPC, for early careerists, is a great place to find their foot in the field and get a real life clinical experience alongside a solid mentorship from Dr. Harshada who has been in the field for over 25 years, and for mid-careerists, it is a great place to blend into an already established clinic in Mumbai while bringing in their own expertise and working alongside an experienced clinician. ... Bachelor of Physiotherapy (KEM, Mumbai)
Master of Clinical Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal (University of South Australia)

Dr. Elvino John

I heard about Prakruti SSPC Pvt. Ltd. from a friend. I joined with an open mind, as after spending 4 years at a multi-speciality hospital, I felt that I needed more clarity on how to rehabilitate a client to the best of his/her potential and that is exactly what I learned at Prakruti....
Dr. Harshada has more than 30 years of experience and has taken care of thousands of patients. Her passion reflects in the clinic, the work ethic of all physios under her, keeping patients/clients first always and working towards their goals. The most important quality in her is communication with the surgeons who refer patients to the clinic and keeping them in the loop, updating the patient's progress: which is exactly how we all should be working -- to develop a rapport with other doctors and to work as a team.
We had lecture series which helped us get more insights on complete rehabilitation with case discussions and assignments. The work load was fairly distributed wherein we had to prepare case reports of patients assigned to us with the plan of care and updating of exercises weekly or as and when needed, all of which was approved by Dr. Harshada.
Overall, I personally had the best learning experience at Prakruti SSPC, with the best mentor and good colleagues.
At present, I am working at an orthopaedic hospital and there is not even a day where I have not implemented what I learned at Prakruti.
For all the fresh graduate and postgraduates, I personally would recommend to work with an experienced physiotherapist for a minimum of 2 years before venturing out on your own. They have so much to teach and there is always a gain in learning from the best physios to plan the best treatment protocol for the hundreds/thousands of patients you will treat in your future.
Thank you Dr. Harshada for your service and for inspiring us. ... B.P.T.

Dr. Devendra Raut

I came to know about Prakruti SSPC Pvt. Ltd. from one of my friends. My expectations were to learn practical and latest developments in the physiotherapy field and also to learn the management skills of running a private clinic. I must admit, I wasn’t let down in terms of my expectations. Yes, I did expect the environment to be friendly and easy going before joining, but it was a different world, where we were always on our toes, ready to face and overcome different hurdles and challenges, almost every single day....
I learned a lot in terms of academic as well as practical skills, but especially what I learned was how to be a professional first. Regular lectures, presentations and interactive sessions helped in terms of learning theory and to be confident. Practical learning was a never-ending process, where I could learn by observing and treating patients with various conditions and of different age groups. Right from consulting patients to planning the treatment and rehab program, working as a team, listening to what patients want to convey, being disciplined – the learning never stopped. Also, the set-up was great as I had never worked before in a similar set-up.
Managing the patient load was a challenge at times, but it just helped us to be pros at what we were doing as individuals and as a team. I treated patients of different age groups, from teenagers to elderly, with so many different conditions, although mostly musculoskeletal cases. From treating amateurs to athletes, to be an on-field physio for tennis players, learning came from all ends, which helped to improve my skills. When I entered Prakruti, I was naive, not knowing a lot of things, but 3 years of my practice with Prakruti, helped me gain tremendous confidence and become a professional and understand my profession better.
Personally, working hours were not an issue for me, as I loved my profession and working in a full-fledged set-up with so much to learn. Prakruti was indeed my second home. Yes, paperwork used to exhaust us, because; at times you have to put too much of extra time (beyond the working hours). Assignments use to take our sleep away, especially when you go home after a long busy day, followed by visits, at times you’re tired and drained. But yes I must say that was the only way to learn, by sacrificing your sleep, for your own good. I never bothered to ask anyone about their work place, but my close friends (working in good hospitals) use to say things were relatively easy for them. I was willing to work on myself as a professional, so any external opinion didn’t mattered much to me. I was sure my next job would be easy but to my surprise it wasn’t as it was in Australia, where paperwork meant a lot. I was glad, I had done it before at Prakruti and it did help me with my job in Australia.
Honestly, the work atmosphere in Prakruti was different over the years. While we were working under Dr. Harshada and Dr. Vipul, we had a bit of fear but were ready for challenges. We knew where to head when in doubt or clueless about the rehab program. The fear also helped us to think in different directions and out of the box, to attain patient goals. Sir would never let us sit idle even for a while, and that’s when I learned, time is precious. We can utilise our time in so many ways, to work on ourselves as a professional and be productive. I learned the management skills of running a private clinic, the challenges one may face, the patience you have to keep, all under one roof.
Currently, I am an entrepreneur now and gearing up to get back to my physiotherapy practice in Australia. The most important thing I learned in Prakruti is to stick to your basics (professionally), be honest, and love what you do. I have set up basic principles for myself and it helps me to give my best to all my patients. I look at myself and at my profession with utmost respect, and I am glad, that I could serve so many people to live a better life.
My simple and genuine advice to new physios would be to keep patience, don’t rush, and don’t give up. Learn to be a professional first, be compassionate, know your strengths but work on your drawbacks. Listen to others (your mentors, colleagues, patients), accept criticism, don’t repeat your mistakes, be honest and think before you act. I know many (mostly guys) wants to be a sports physio and it’s good to be one but honestly that’s not the only sub-field in physiotherapy to be explored. Give your best wherever you work, don’t wait to give your best for the next, because this will determine your attitude and your progress. When you look back at your journey as a professional and as a person, you should be proud of yourself!! ... Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Sikkim-Manipal University),
Master of Physiotherapy Practice (Coventry University, U.K.)

Certificate Course in Clinical Rehabilitation (MSk and Sports):

This 2-month long course is designed to give you an insight into the clinical reasoning behind planning rehabilitation programs for various common orthopedic dysfunctions. The instructional methods for this course include lectures filled with practical information; case studies; and interactive discussions. Our vast and varied daily patient list will ensure practical exposure to everything that you learn.

This course involves approximately 25 hours of theory, 50 hours of practical, and more than 300 hours of clinics spread over the course of 8 weeks; and you are sure to find this material extremely useful in preparation for your further education or future career.


Prakruti Sports Science and Physiotherapy Clinic was started by our Director, Dr. Harshada Rajadhyaksha with the view of integrating her varied knowledge of Fitness and Exercise Science, Diet and Nutrition, with her profession (Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine) to assist patients and athletes make a full recovery after injury and actually become stronger in the process. Our holistic approach to health and rehabilitation has helped thousands of patients, athletes, and others to achieve their goals and remain pain free.

We wish to share our knowledge with young Physical Therapists, as we sincerely believe that Physical Therapists armed with the correct information on fitness and exercise can successfully bridge the gap between the Health Care and Fitness industry. We are concerned with the rise in lifestyle related diseases, childhood obesity and rising musculoskeletal injury concerns afflicting our sporting population and we would like to create a work force to tackle these issues in a scientific and safe manner.

We understand that after spending 4 1/2 years in a professional college earning a degree, young professionals must be in a hurry to apply their knowledge and earn some money. But, nothing can replace practical experience and continuous learning. Our One Year Fellowship Program gives you an opportunity to "Earn While You (continue to) Learn" and is an ideal stepping stone to a fulfilling and lucrative career in your chosen profession.

Continuous Learning:

We are continuously striving towards self-improvement, and we think that excellence and learning are indispensable to each other. We encourage continuous learning, and regularly invite outside speakers to conduct lectures, workshops, and seminars on various topics.