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In Sanskrit, the word "Prakruti" means "Nature": the primal motive force of the Universe. Ayurveda recognized that no two humans are alike, and called this basic, very unique, individual constitution "Prakruti". At Prakruti Sports Science and Physiotherapy Clinic, we provide the environment, expertise, and support required to assist natural healing.

True healing begins from within the self: Doctors and Healers can only assist along the process. After more than 22 years, we continue to remain humble in our approach to diagnosis and treatment, our focus remains on the complete wellbeing of our patients, and we continue to promote the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases in the community.

Our patients' trust and faith in us, and our honest concern for their wellbeing has been the foundation of our success.


Prakruti Sports Science and Physiotherapy Clinic was established in 1997 with a mission to prevent musculoskeletal injuries, lifestyle diseases, and limit disability arising from joint diseases. By integrating traditional physical therapy treatments with fitness, nutritional guidance, health and wellness we have been able to help thousands of patients over the last 22 years to live a pain-free and active life. We truly believe that exercise is medicine and when used in the prescribed dose can prevent/ solve most problems.

We have found successful solutions to help people with acute, sub-acute and chronic problems, and when we are in doubt about our ability to help a patient, we unhesitatingly refer them to the correct doctor/ facility.

We work with several leading physicians and surgeons to impart health and pain relief. We also work with schools, organizations, and sports academies to promote health, give ergonomic advice, and prescribe preventive exercises and diet plans.

Our approach is

  To determine the specific requirement of the individual and carry out a detailed evaluation with the intent to help him/ her achieve it.

  To plan and conduct/ advise a personalized rehab plan based on our assessment and the individual's goal.

  To make the individual independent of our care as early as possible and discharge with a home/ gym program, OR refer to another facility/ surgeon/ physician when required.