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Cardiac Rehabilitation is not a medical necessity, and you may not be referred for it by your surgeon.

But, participating in our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program will help you make simple healthy lifestyle choices that will prevent/ reduce the chances of future heart related events, and also enhance wellness.

Who can attend?

People suffering from heart diseases or those who have undergone cardiac surgeries like CABG; after any cardiac procedure like angioplasty; or any illness, medical conditions related to the heart; anyone having one or more of the risk factors that are associated with cardiac disease e.g. high blood pressure/ diabetes/ history of smoking, can come to us for expert advice on prevention and care.

What we do:

We do a detailed medical and physical evaluation, basic fitness testing (with complete monitoring of all vitals) and risk stratification to identify the problem areas.

Based on the initial level of fitness we plan an individualized exercise program. Exercise training is always with utmost care and under supervision of qualified therapists, with continuous monitoring of BP, HR, SpO2 and RPE. We also give a detailed report of evaluation and progress for your Doctor on a regular basis.

Our cardiac rehabilitation program also includes a diet evaluation and prescription; and a stress and anxiety management session to prevent and manage cardiovascular diseases.

We provide Specialized Home Based Cardiac Rehabilitation for the elderly or for patients who cannot come to our clinics.

We take utmost care not to aggravate existing musculoskeletal aches and pains.