Post Operative Management

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Any orthopedic or other surgery requires some active rehabilitation to regain function. Early rehabilitation concentrates on breathing exercises, maintaining circulation, and regaining mobility. After discharge we concentrate on maintaining and improving range of motion (ROM), increasing strength and mobility, regaining function. We design individualized programs that combine hands-on mobilizations, passive and active exercises, and electric muscle stimulations to restore normal function as soon as possible.

We specialize in rehabilitation after:

  Arthroscopic Knee surgeries: ACL, PCL, Meniscectomy, etc.

  Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgeries: Bankart’s, Rotator Cuff, Labral Tears, etc.

  Replacement Surgeries: TKR, UKR, THR, Shoulder etc.

  Rehabilitation after ALL Fractures and Fixations

  Rehabilitation after all Spinal surgeries

  Rehabilitation after Thoracic and Cardiac surgeries

  Mobilizations or Rehabilitation required after any General Surgery that causes joint restrictions (e.g. surgery/ radiation for breast cancer)

  Toning and Wellness Programs after weight loss surgeries