Dr Vipul Chavda (1976-2015)

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I met him for the first time in October 2000 when he came for an interview in response to an advertisement that I had placed for physical therapists to join my practice. He contacted me more than two weeks after the ad was placed, and sauntered in casually (but perfectly on time) for the interview. I had already employed two other therapists in the meantime, and didn't really need another. But after speaking with him for ten minutes, I changed my mind and I am so glad that I did!

For the last fifteen years he was my friend, confidant, colleague, and more recently a partner in my travels. I lost him when the earth shook below us while we were trekking in Nepal in April this year.

His working day was very long and he gave every minute of his waking hours to the people he worked for. No task was too small or too menial for him, and no place was too far to drive out at night just to do a post-op visit that a Doctor requested from him. For me, he "managed" everything: Consultations, treatments, training new recruits, laying down operational guidelines, helping with new set ups, supervising renovations, hiring or firing staff as I needed, and sometimes even cleaning the whole clinic when required. In fact he has been especially responsible for the growth and popularity of Prakruti SSPC over the last fifteen years.

I will never ever find another like him: He raised the bar so high, no one can reach it now. I will miss him forever, and it is with a heavy heart that I remove his name from next to mine on the "Consultants" page of our website.

He often wrote "Prakruti" as his permanent address for communications; and Prakruti will indeed always have a special place reserved for him.

Dr. Harshada Rajadhyaksha
August 2015