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Eat healthy so that my kids learn too

By: Mumbai Mirror 07 Jan 2014

Like charity, fitness begins at home. I am trying to strike the delicate balance between food, sleep and exercise. I make time for a mix of cycling, swimming and gymming, which I will continue in the hope that my kids learn healthy habits, too. Restricting oily food, sweets helps keep cardiac disease, diabetes, and hypertension at bay.

Say Goodbye To Pain

By: Hindustan Times 05 May 2013

Founded in 1997 by Physiotherapist Harshada Rajadhyakshya, Prakruti offers rehab options, lifestyle modification counselling and exercise schedules for people suffering from sports injuries and gait disorders. With ties to the Sports Authority of India, Prakruti helps treat and train national-level athletes.

Game For Fitness

By: Indian Express 05 Nov 2011

With an increasing number of children sent to sports academies each year, sports science needs better form and focus, says well-known Dr Harshada Rajadhyaksha


By: Mid-Day 02 Mar 2009

Bipasha Basu battled knee pain while shooting for an item number for Aa Dekhen Zara. iTALK tells you how to protect your knees if you plan to hit the staircase for a recession-proof workout

Ensure that you wear good shoes that cushion your foot. Practicing yoga and stretching exercises will keep your muscles flexible.


By: Mid-Day 11 Feb 2009

All injuries have physical and mental consequences. The mind plays an important role in the healing process. Once a patient accepts that he/she has a problem, and decides to cooperate and follow medical advice, quick recovery is possible. While overnight recovery is not possible, positive thinking gives the patient a reason to work on the problem, and come back even stronger.

Fitness freaks face fatal fallouts !

By: 27 Jul 2002

Nineteen - year -old Sharmee has lost one vital year of her career. She is bedridden for the last couple of months after developing a nasty slip disc. And, that is not all! In yet another tragic incident in the town, a thirty seven year old collapsed after returning from his health club. Even a reputed Physiotherapist from Juhu, is ready to crack the whip on these burgeoning health clubs and gyms