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Food nourishes the body and provides energy for living. A regular, well-balanced diet goes a long way towards building health.

Our nutritional advice is simple, and follows the patient's regular eating habits, encouraging small but lasting changes that can eventually promote healthy eating. A combination of good eating habits and optimum exercise can help patients who need safe weight loss.

Completely tailored to your lifestyle and health condition without any gimmicks, our weight management programs are geared to IMPROVE your health and nutritional status. We also offer special diets for disease management, as well as nutritional advice for sports.

  Sports Nutrition: In sports, the correct diet can make the difference between winning and losing. We provide sports-specific nutritional evaluation and prescription for elite and amateur sportspersons, nutritional counseling for in-season and off-season diets, pre- and post-match diets, fluid replacements, etc.

  Weight Loss and Maintenance: We believe that lasting weight loss can be achieved only by small but significant changes in lifestyle. Your diet will be designed to suit your lifestyle and habits, taking into consideration your likes and dislikes, and reviewed every week to gauge the efficacy.

  Child Health: Nutritional guidance and diet plans for toddlers and school-going children.

  Special Diets: Diets for various medical conditions like Diabetes, Gout, Renal Disease, Thyroid Disorders, Hypertension, Cardiac Diseases, etc.

  Nutritional guidance for the family.