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In 1985 when I was studying to become a Physical Therapist at the prestigious KEM Hospital & G.S. Medical College in Mumbai, I realized that the education I was receiving was invaluable, and if supported by an in-depth knowledge of fitness, could be used to benefit almost every individual.

I spent the next decade exploring, studying, and experiencing every aspect of exercise science to prepare myself for what I can only label as my calling in life.

My journey over more than thirty years has been all about learning and finding lasting solutions to pain and dysfunction arising from bones, muscles and joints. I realized that no one has escaped pain and injury, and most cannot find their way back to optimum fitness. There was a requirement to create a program that could effectively guide a person from injury to full fitness.

"Prakruti" was started in 1997 with a vision to combine pain management with safe, easy and progressive fitness programs for absolutely anybody that needed them.

My method and the process of making these programs is unique and personalized, and the thousands of patients that have crossed our threshold are happy people who will vouch for its effectiveness.