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An Antenatal Program is not just about teaching you how to breathe during labour.

The Specialized Antenatal Program at Prakruti concentrates on safe toning and strengthening of all muscles including the pelvic floor; gentle flexibility and stretching to prevent back ache, and to help with the demands of a long labour; ergonomic and back care advice, postural control and exercises, teaching breathing techniques to enhance relaxation, control anxiety, and promote health; reduce swelling and varicose veins, improve circulation, and prevent cramps; improve sleep. Our exercises and advice will also help you in your postnatal recovery, and you will be fit and pain free to enjoy your new role as a mother.

Our Antenatal Program is individualized (no classes here, as we believe each body is different and we evaluate your requirement) and is safely modified for each trimester. This program also includes a diet evaluation and prescription and a stress and anxiety management session.

Our Postnatal Program will help you lose your pregnancy weight; tone and strengthen your muscles; help reduce incontinence and strengthen your pelvic floor; prevent backache and joint pains; and improve wellbeing.