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Obesity & Hypertension

He had erratic eating habits, travelled frequently throughout the year, often staying out for a week or more. He had a high level of mental stress, little time for physical exercise, a demanding job and an inadequate knowledge of "on the road" food choices he could make.He was a non-smoker, did not drink much, and with adiagnosis of "high BP" was willing to try everything to get it under control!.

Unplanned ACL Reconstruction

A 32 year old mother of two visited our clinic 1 month after she had a Left ACL Reconstruction surgery. Her Right ACL was reconstructed 1 month prior to the left Knee. Our first observation was that she was at least 10 kg overweight. During the examination we found that surprisingly, no pre-surgical X-rays were done. Her surgeon had assured her a perfect recovery post-Reconstruction without investigating and examining the quality of the joint itself.

ACL Rehabilitation

A 22 year old basketball player visited us 6 months after he had an ACL reconstruction surgery. His surgeon was happy with his progress and the strength of the reconstructed ligament, so he had declared him "Fit" to resume sporting activity. The patient himself though, was not happy as he was not able to jog without pain. He was also unable to skip or hop which was a part of the functional training required for Basketball.

Early OA

A 33 year old man, an Anaesthetist by profession had come to us with a knee problem. His profession required him to stand for long hours, but this gave rise to pain in both knees. When he stood for longer, he experienced pain in the whole leg. He had been examined & treated by many doctors prior to his meeting with us and had MRI films (both knees) with him. On the basis of the MRI, he had been advised "Arthroscopy" as a treatment for what was essentially a functional disability!