Early OA

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A 33 year old man, an Anaesthetist by profession had come to us with a knee problem. His profession required him to stand for long hours, but this gave rise to pain in both knees. When he stood for longer, he experienced pain in the whole leg.

He had been examined & treated by many doctors prior to his meeting with us and had MRI films (both knees) with him. On the basis of the MRI, he had been advised "Arthroscopy� as a treatment for what was essentially a functional disability!

He was also advised "walking" as an exercise as well as therapy, and had sincerely (but unsuccessfully) tried it for a year before he came to us for advice. He was unhappy with the treatment, unsatisfied with the explanations and had no relief from symptoms for the whole year.

After an initial examination, we asked for X-Ray films (AP, weight bearing), and as shown in the picture we found that he was suffering from genetic bilateral varus (tibia). He was explained that this mal-alignment was essentially causing a problem with the loading pattern of his knees, and that he needed to modify his exercise regime. He was treated with a simple, planned exercise program and was advised to go to the gym regularly & swim. His gym program was also designed by us to suit his requirements and he came back for a few follow-ups.

He responded to the above guidelines in 3 months! He now manages an active lifestyle and his profession without pain & has taken up exercise as a hobby.