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Cardiac Prehab Program:

Is a close relative suffering from cardiac related disease (like high BP, heart attack etc.)? Having a father, mother, brother or sister in your family with heart disease is a risk factor for you developing a heart problem yourself.

Do you have any other lifestyle related factors that might put you at risk? (E.g. Obesity / sedentary lifestyle/ diabetes/ smoking, etc.)

What can you do to reduce your risk and prevent a heart attack?

Welcome to our Cardiac Prehab program: Our team will take you through a lifestyle and risk factor modification program, which will include diet and exercise prescription specially made for you.

Childhood Obesity and Nutrition:

If you see your child with baby fat even after the age of 12 and you find him/ her relatively less active in sports activities, you must start working on his/ her health. Child obesity has become the latest threat to health. Correct nutrition should start very early and the younger the child the better it is to start.

Our Nutrition section will cater to this problem and will advise on diet and exercise for your child.

Antenatal/Postnatal Exercises & Diets:

There will be some days in your pregnancy when just getting out of bed can be a challenge so exercise might seem out of the question. But staying active has lots of benefits both during your pregnancy, when it comes to giving birth, and also for a good recovery after birth. Whether you were a regular at the gym before you got pregnant, or more of a couch potato, we've got tips on how to exercise safely during this joyous period.

After your baby is born, we will help you to slowly get back in to shape, with safe exercises & diets. We can design a home care program that you can follow at your convenience.

Prediabetes/Early Hypertension:

We design exercise & diet programs for those showing a borderline increase in blood sugars or those who have early hypertension. In many cases we have been able to reverse the changes, and reduce the medications required.

Knee Replacement PRE-hab Program:

Patients who are fit prior to surgery may have shorter hospital stays and a quicker and pleasanter recovery post-operatively. Controlling your weight will help your new knee joint last longer. A weight loss and exercise program started 2-3 months before knee/ hip replacement will give best results.

Try our pain management, exercise and diet programs BEFORE committing to a knee replacement surgery.

Postural Correction/ Injury PRE vention:

Your body's musculoskeletal system is a finely balanced and tuned machine. It allows you to stand upright, walk, run, jump, play and work. The reason it works so well is because of your spine's posture.

Over time a chronically poor posture causes muscular tightness and weakness which can eventually lead to back and joint pains.

The good news is that you can often correct posture through strength and flexibility training!