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Exercise prescription commonly refers to the specific plan of fitness-related activities that are designed for a specific individual, and for a specified purpose. Our exercise prescriptions are based on the interpretation of the examination and fitness tests that we carry out; and the goals set by the patient.

We prescribe basic exercises for all our patients through their recovery period. As treatment is weaned off, a few exercises are added to enhance recovery and prevent further episodes.

Our exercise prescription might vary in type, intensity, duration, frequency depending on individual requirements and dysfunctions. In fact sometimes your program might even be modified daily after a quick evaluation.

We use a combination of Yoga and Pilates; exercises using Thera bands, medicine balls, gym equipment and body weight; various flexibility training methods; core stability training, and several postural correction techniques to safely tone, align, and strengthen the body. Programs are individually designed for each patient taking care of his/ her special needs and the Doctor's recommendation. Some patients may want to continue exercising with us after recovery, and we move them on to a "rehabilitation program" that works towards a goal that they set for themselves.