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  1. T.H.R (Target Heart Rate) :
    • T.H.R. is actually a range from 70-80% of your predicted maximum heart rate based on your age.  Exercise of sufficient frequency and duration in this heart rate range has been proven to provide the desired training benefits for cardio-vascular/respiratory fitness.
    • T.H.R = 220 – your age x 70-80%
    • e.g. if you are 40 years old,  220 – 40 = 180 x .7-.8 = 126 – 144 T.H.R.
  2. Maintain the chart given to you every week as this will help you to check your progress & help you plan your fitness routine better.
  3. RESTING HEART RATE: is measured ideally while relaxing in bed for few minutes before getting up in the morning.
  4. Target Heart Rate : should be checked every week to plan that weeks exercise routine.
  5. You must exercise your cardio routine at least 3 times a week & 5 times a week will be ideal.
  6. Your cardio routine must be as follows:
    •  WARM UP: 10min
    •  Aerobic Exercise: 20 – 60 min 
    •  COOL DOWN: 10min
  7. Aerobic exercise means indulging in an activity for which required energy is supplied by utilizing Oxygen that we breath at that time. Here the anaerobic (energy take from stored stock) energy used is minimum & thus less lactic acid formation. This helps in avoiding muscle soreness & very healthy for your heart.
  8. To call an activity aerobic, it should be performed smoothly, continuously & for minimum of 20min. E.G. Cycling, Walking, Jogging, Rowing etc.
  9. Exercise Zone: is the range of heart rate between which you are advised to exercise for aerobic work out by your Physical Therapist or Physician. Exercise Zone depends on your present level of fitness & may or may not match T.H.R. E.g. If you are 40 years old & your T.H.R. = 126 –144. But you may not be fit to reach that range & you may be advised to exercise in 100 to 110 beats/min
  10. You must not exceed your given Exercise Zone. Do not continue exercising if you feel pain or heaviness in your chest. Remember that exercise that you do should be enjoyable & beneficial.