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In the 21st century, "Health and Fitness" have a new meaning. Rapid advances in the field of science and electronics have made lifestyles more and more sedentary, and the pressures of urban living have made life extremely stressful. An increasing number of urban illnesses are affecting our society, and are all caused by our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Cardiac diseases, diabetes, degenerative diseases of the joints (arthritis) are all a direct result of urban lifestyles. What should scare us the most is the number of obese children that we see. These children have no chance of escaping early illness.

Simultaneously, an increasing number of people are becoming "fitness-conscious", and gyms are cropping up all over. People of all age groups are joining up for various exercise programs and learning new sports. The concept of fitness has changed over the years, often depending on the current fads in fashion and body image. But, "Fitness" is a relative term, and may be interpreted differently by different people. A housewife may want to lose weight, an executive may want to control his blood-sugar or cholesterol levels, an athlete may want to improve his performance, or a patient recovering from an illness may want to walk without feeling tired. Whatever may be the goal, it is important to remember that fitness is made up of different components, which are all equally important for "wellness". Endurance or Cardio-vascular training, Strength training, Flexibility training, Co-ordination, a well-balanced and nutritious diet, a moderate lifestyle and mental well-being are all equally important aspects of fitness and together contribute towards his health and wellness. Regular exercise is essential for all, but should be conducted in a systematic manner. Lack of sufficient warm-up, inadequate stretching of all muscles before the workout, sudden increase in the intensity or duration of workout, or an improper technique, all can increase the risk of injuries. Injuries, when they occur, lead to loss of time from work or sport, and if not treated on time, can cause further damage.

At Prakruti, we believe that prevention of sports related injuries is very important. With this in mind, we conduct regular Fitness evaluations for sportsmen , athletes, and our members which aids towards judging their exact fitness status, and helps us to design specialized fitness programs to enhance their performance and prevent injuries.

Finally, we believe that the ideal fitness is one that allows a healthy mind to reside in a healthy body.


Dr. Harshada Rajadhyaksha

(Director and Consultant)