What We Do

Physiotherapy: We are specialists in Orthopaedic and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. We offer various treatments for pain relief (knee pain, Hip pain, back pain, neck "Cervical Spondylosis", shoulder pain, foot pain, etc.) We also offer non-surgical and post-surgical therapy in all Orthopaedic surgeries and conditions (arthroscopies for knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, elbow; fractures; joint replacements for shoulder, knee, hip and elbow). Our physiotherapy treatments combine elements of electrotherapy, joint mobilizations and soft tissue manipulation, exercise therapy, and functionalrehabilitation in various degrees to give the best results. Each patient is a different individual, and our approach is based on the clinical evaluation of our Consultants, Doctor's prescription brought by the patient, and the goals set by the patient himself/ herself.
We also provide Specialized Home Based Rehabilitation to patients in the initial post-operative period, and to those who can't come to the clinic.

Sports Injury Management: Being active and sporty has many physical, social, and psychological benefits. However, involvement in sports comes with a risk of injury. There are many ways in which we can help you prevent an injury; or in identifying and rehabilitating an existing injury. We also specialize in various Taping techniques that can enhance sports performance or protect vulnerable joints.

Exercise Prescription: We prescribe basic exercises for all our patients through their recovery period. As treatment is weaned off, few exercises are added to enhance recovery and prevent further episodes. We use a combination of Yoga and Pilates; exercises using Thera bands, medicine balls, gym equipment and body weight; flexibility training methods; core stability training, and several postural correction techniques to safely tone, align, and strengthen the body. Programs are individually designed for each patient taking care of his/ her special needs and the Doctor's recommendation. Some patients may want to continue exercising with us after recovery, and we move them on to a "rehabilitation program" that works towards a goal that they set for themselves.

Fitness Testing: Anyone can schedule a fitness test with us. The test will be individually designed for the requirement, and may involve a prescription for blood work/ x-rays/ Doctor's certificate, which will have to be carried out elsewhere at the individuals' expense. Our testing will involve a cardio component, a flexibility component, and a strength component. Other criteria like agility, balance and co-ordination may be added if required. The test results and an exercise prescription will be provided, and the program will be explained practically over one/ two sessions. Exercises can be designed for gym/ home/ outdoors.

Cardiac Rehabilitation: Patients who have undergone a Cardiac Bypass Surgery or Angioplasty can be benefited with the introduction of our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. We conduct an initial exercise test using safe clinical protocols to record your Cardiovascular response to exercise and stress. Based on your test results, we prescribe an individualized plan which is then carried out along with monitoring of all cardiac parameters. At the end of your sessions with us, we send a medical progress report to your Doctors, or hand it over to you.

Lifestyle: Recent changes in lifestyles, and the ever-increasing stresses of urban living, have caused a spate of "lifestyle-related diseases"; and these diseases are now affecting a younger age-group. We combine diet and exercise prescription to create a positive change and control or reverse the disease process. People with Arthritis, Cardiac diseases, Diabetes, Hypertension, and all Obesity related diseases can benefit from our lifestyle packages.

Rehabilitation: Long term rehabilitation may be required after ligament reconstructions and other arthroscopic procedures, fractures, some injuries that do not require surgeries, and in athletes. Patients may also require a careful rehabilitation program after other general surgeries or onco surgeries. The patient may choose to continue exercising with us through 3-12 months for return to pre-injury fitness, or can regularly collect updated programs from us and exercise elsewhere. Our approach to rehabilitation is thorough, and all weaknesses will be assessed and corrected.

Diet: Food is an integral part of illness and healing. We can help you make the correct changes in your diet to achieve the results you desire. Besides weight loss and weight gain diets, we also prescribe individualized sports diets for athletes of all ages and for different sports. Patients requiring special diets for Renal disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, etc. can also approach us. Our nutritional advice is free of all gimmicks, is simple, and follows the patient's regular eating habits, encouraging small but lasting changes that can eventually promote healthy eating.

Lymphedema Management and Exercise Therapy: Post chemo radiation or surgery it is very likely that you will suffer from Lymphedema, which is a chronic disease that results in fluid building up under the skin. If not managed correctly, this results in a progressive disease with many complications. Look out for the signs of pain, swelling, heaviness, difficulty in fitting into clothing or jewelry. Beside Cancer Therapy, sometimes inadequate lymph drainage might result from a few other conditions too. We follow Complete Decongestive Therapy for Lymphedema management, which includes skincare, manual lymphatic drainage, compression and exercises.

Vestibular Rehabilitation: People suffering from vestibular disorders often experience balance issues, vertigo, dizziness and visual disturbance. We design the exercise based program and reduce problems related to dizziness.

Therapeutic Massage: People of all ages can benefit from therapeutic massage: it helps in relieving stress, anxiety, enhances well-being, and reduces joint pains related to arthritis and minor injuries. We have a competent, fully qualified and experienced remedial massage therapist. We tailor the massage techniques to suit your needs. We also offer home visits for therapeutic massage.

Prescription of Customized Insoles: Good insoles, custom made for you can give your feet comfort, pain relief and prevent foot injuries. We carry out a detailed evaluation of your foot with biomechanical analysis and based on the results we prescribe the perfect insoles for your feet.

Exercise & Sports Psychology: We offer sport and exercise psychological assessment and counseling for athletes and exercising populations, where we help them conquer their minds by identifying and working on areas that require improvement and further growth. We work towards making them more resilient, confident, and focused by equipping them with the required skillset. We also help individuals overcome obstacles holding them back from achieving their goals, as well as recover psychologically from injuries.

Awareness: Most of us know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help prevent diseases, or delay their onset. But with the amount of information freely available on various media, it is difficult to choose what is right for you. Exercise is sometimes used as a means to achieve a certain type of "body" and sport is used as a means of social acceptance. Understanding how your body functions and getting a correct perspective on exercise can help you avoid unnecessary injuries and get the best from your sport. Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean giving up on all the things you enjoy. We conduct various awareness and self-help programs to empower you and help you make the correct choices. These programs can be conducted for parents, executives, athletes, patients, teachers, etc.

Career and Education: We create our own work-force by conducting training programs for physiotherapists, nutritionists, and fitness trainers. We have a fellowship program that is comprehensive, and has a well-defined curriculum along with practical learning. We continue to educate ourselves by attending conferences and seminars, visiting overseas clinics and institutions, as well as reviewing recently published medical and surgical literature.