I am 57 years old and have played many competitive sports. I played TT for my school, and many, many other sports - cricket, hockey, football, volleyball, badminton, swimming.

During my childhood and teens playing was all that I was interested in, but it had to be competitive sport. Jogging, gyming was too boring.

When I was 18 and half I joined the Merchant Navy and as a junior, getting exercise was never a problem. Literal hard labour. 1995 when I became senior the physical part of the job reduced 90%, as it concentrated more on navigation, administration etc. etc.

We have gyms onboard but again boring. So if the ship had a pool or a TT table lovely, or manage with step climbing which was 4 to 5 decks, 4-5 times a day, and a bit of Yoga.

When on leave, exercise was not an issue, as my group was still active in sports till about the time when I touched 40. Then I managed to find a younger set of boys in the neighborhood but was restricted to volleyball, cricket and TT.

Then when I was about 48 that too stopped. So a few walks on Juhu Beach, a bit of Yoga etc., but no gyming. To me the most boring thing.

I had always when active in sports maintained a weight between 80-85. Then as I started turning 50 it started creeping up to the 90’s. 92 kgs is critical for me, for it brings me to the limit of permissible BMI for my medical fitness test prior to embarking on the ship.

This test is conducted on an annual basis. So as soon as I touched 92 kgs, and my medicals were looming, I was off for a week to Naturopathy Ashram at Urali Kanchan near Pune. After being only on 200 gms of papaya and juices for a week, I would shed 5-6 kgs. WOW problem solved.

Forward to year 2014, I joined the ship at 95 kgs (medical was not due at that time). Only 2 Indians onboard rest Filipinos including the cook. And I love Filipino food, fried, red meats etc. I got off the ship at Vizag end of Jan 2015, was staying in a hotel overnight, stood on the weighing scale and wow it read 103 kgs. A new record. Crossed a century though not one to cherish.

It was Crisis time. Urali Kanchan would not help, I couldn’t starve for more than a week, and after the initial 5-6 kgs, the weight loss slows down. To be safe for the medicals 4 months later, I had to shed weight to 90 kgs!!

Though I hate to admit it, it was my wife again who led me to something good. She mentioned Prakruti. I said what is it? A gym cum physio therapy center recommended by a lawyer friend of her. UUGH was my thought.

Reluctantly I accompanied her to Prakruti. (I didn’t have a choice, had to shed the kilos).

It was an evening appointment and we met Dr. Harshada and Neha Pathak , sometime in Feb 2015. I was prescribed a diet (not starvation) by Dr. Harshada and next day I started gyming. First day was terrible. Gyming reluctantly OH GOD. Time to call it quits. Never mind if I can’t go back to sea, will take up a shore job, etc. etc. all thoughts going on in my mind.

But I had paid for a month. So I was trapped. Next day a bit better, gradually better and better, lost 4 kgs in the 1st month and wow. In the end, in 4 months I was down to 85 kgs. Had lost a whopping 17 kgs and not by starving.

A Sea change (pun intended), I was getting to like gyming. How did it happen? It is thanks to Prakruti and all of them, the young, cherubic team of Drs physiotherapists, so warm, happy, caring, that gyming became a pleasure. No longer boring.

And I have been guided by quite a few of these youngsters. Started with Neha P (I have come across 3 Neha’s in my 3 odd years), Devendra Raut (strict, “form Mr Kini form” LOL), Chetna, Niraj. A few left for higher studies, a few migrated. There was more recently Priyanka, Parnashree.

At the present crowd, Nikita, Urvi, Neha D, Kushboo, floaters Karishma, Oshin, Jai (floaters I mean floating between Bandra and Versova). LOL. Aditi from Bandra. I may have missed a few for which I apologise. Not to forget office staff Ketan and Omkar, Sandhya tai and the young Daksha and Archana Tai.

All of them so caring, bubbly, happy that it is infectious, sort of. The light banter, the slight admonishments, the very personal touch, the beautiful environment created by them at Prakruti, has made gyming a pleasure. They have achieved the impossible getting me to love gyming, and I can’t thank all at Prakruti enough.

It is 3 odd years since I first came here and, when on leave I will always come back. Apart from the staff, also made few friends here. They say man must have at least 1 addiction in life. I was heavily addicted to tobacco (quit for good 5 months ago). To compensate, addicted now to gyming and exercise, specially at Prakruti.

Thank you Prakruti and God Bless you all.

-R. S. Kini

PS. The only grouse I have with Prakruti is being called a “Patient“. LOL

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When I first met Dr. Harshada I did not know what to expect, but after that over the last several years I have taken her advice on injury related issues several times. I have been very impressed by her diagnosis and the quality of the treatment that I have received from her and the other physiotherapists in her group.

I would definitely recommend Prakruti for sports injury management.

-Sachin Tendulkar
I would like to thank Dr Vipul Chavda and Dr Pratik Shah and Dr Ketki Patel for their diagnosis and rehabilitation program which helped me recover from a meniscopy in October 2013. As a long standing regular runner, the injury threatened to severely curtail my continuing ability to run any significant distance. Following a 3 month intensive (2/3 times per week) program, I was lucky enough to recover sufficiently to complete the Mumbai Half marathon in 2014, and that too in a personal best time! Thank you for all your help!

-Gautham Radhakrishnan
Losing weight and gaining health is a journey that many undertake. However, reaching the destination often remains a dream. The process can be complex and at Prakruti, the approach is personalized and the concern is incredibly genuine. The end result is a gradual lifestyle change without deprivation or pressure being the tools used. Both the diet and exercise component are based on individual patterns taking into account orthopedic conditions and metabolic disorders. What changed my life was the rational explanations given for all the changes I had to make. Joining Prakruti has been a milestone for me. For the first time I can experience a permanent effect on my mind and body which had eluded me so far even though I had consulted many specialists in the past. I recommend the Prakruti path to anyone who is looking to make fitness an integral part of their life, but wants to feel motivated, nurtured and secure throughout the way as the methods used are based entirely on medical science with doctors monitoring every move, every day. My only regret is that I didn't get the opportunity to join Prakruti at an earlier stage in life. However, I can confidently state that only Prakruti could have helped me get to where I am today.

Rina Guha
After having spent almost more than 15yrs into the sport, I started having niggling aches in my shoulder and knees. Throughout I couldn't continue for long. But with a complete exercise program here, my head is clearer and my aches are in control, look forward to my sport career with hope. In the past have been to a couple of physiotherapists from abroad. But after my experience here, I have realised that specialized sports physio do exist in our country as well. Don't have to venture out anymore. Thank you Dr. Rajadhyaksha and Dr. Alicia. Keep up the good work & I hope together we can bring many more laurels to the country.

-Suma Shirur
Prof:- Sport Rifle Shooting
Age:- 36yrs
I am a long distance runner. I started running from the year 1978/79. I last ran was Mumbai district athletic meet at Bombay university sports pavilion in the year 1985. I won gold medal in 5000mts running in 15 min-31.6sec. Then I had completely given up ,got married & had family life. Later on when one day my wife said why don't you start running again rather than you watch the standard chartered marathon on T.V. I want to see you running, well this is how I started again to run. This was challenging role to perform that is to start long distance running after 20yrs gap. I then started in 2005. In 2006 jan I won a silver medal in all india major parts athletic meet in Mumbai, but due to weak muscles I suffered from calf muscles injury to my left calf. I lost my gold medal due to this injury. Then one day Mr. Nilesh Jadhav one of our athlete from MBPT introduced me to Dr. Vipul Chavda & then Dr. Vipul examined me thoroughly. He showed me (13) different exercises to develop my leg muscles & also strenghthen the muscles . I got completely cured from the calf pain. It was oct,26th,09 when I had suffered from another muscles injury(groin pain) just 10 days before my 23rd Malaysian international open athletic championship at Perak IPOH, Malaysia on 7th & 8th nov,09. There I won a gold & silver medal in 5000mts & 1500 mts run. It was possible only because of the efforts and the best treatment given to me by the great dr. vipul chavda . this is how I made my country INDIA proud and the entire credit. goes to PRAKRUTI CLINIC & Doctor.

PROBLEM: Neck,Shoulder and knee pain along with muscle weakness. After several failed physical therapy sessions in the U.S .A, I was glad to find prakruti clinic. DR.Harshada Rajadhyaksha was highly recommended to me by one of her old patients. Within 2 weeks, I can see significant improvement in my shoulders and upper back.I got an individualised program and am grateful to the staff for their care and attention to detail. They also worked with my tight schedule and prescribed exercises that I must progress into. I only wish I had come here earlier. VERY SATISFIED!

I am a practicing Endocrinologist in Mumbai and deal with Obesity and treatment of the same for many of my patients. However my focus is on the pathology and treating the illness associated causing the Obesity. Physiological obesity has always been a challenge.

I Have been an active sports person all my life, from swimming, throwball, football, gyming, Badminton, Table tennis, Dance classical and contemporary styles, hiking, cycling, Yoga and the most passionate of them all running. I have been running for as long as I can remember. Active lives filled with sport are not free from Injuries and challenges.

The last two years with increasing knee complaints my running took a back seat with piling kilos and reduced physical activities. I managed to drop them off, but all would come right back on, and was struggling trying to achieve my goal of loss of weight with sustenance and maintenance of the loss. My good friend Vikram Mordani, introduced me to the Prakruti Sports Science and Physiotherapy Clinic, and there to Dr. Harshada Rajadhyaksha and Dr. Vipul Chavda, who have guided me through this journey of healing and fitness. I have been introduced to various meal plans and diet know hows which have helped me steadily bring down the weight as well as build my stamina and get fitter with multitude of exercise plans and strengthening techniques for my knees. I now run again with no difficulty or pain in the knees and also there is a better understanding of how the Body functions, the exercises are not always tough they are simple yet effective for that muscle group.

There is so much I have learned in my time here and I continue training here, I am 10 kilo's lighter since I started and I continue my journey towards fitness and healthy living.

The young physiotherapists have been warm, friendly and educative in their training and are always a welcome face every morning for the workout session. To name a few, Dr. Pratik Shah, Dr. Sumedh Desai, Dr. Harshida Pai, Dr. Sheetal Naik, Dr. Madhura Sawant, with each one I have had a few sessions, they have their unique style and their own strong forte in their guidance and are always ready to explain and allay any doubts I may have. We promptly receive reminders for our sessions every evening for the next day and there is a personal contact with each of the clients. Each workout session or Diet is catered individually to the specific needs; it is thought through and worked out to tackle all the problem areas. The personal touch is very inspiring as well as assuring.

I truly appreciate all the efforts the centre puts in making so many lives a healthier one, and surely thankful for the insight I have had towards fitness and health and hope in knowing there is recovery from injury and doing things right can make you actually do things for a long time to come.

I highly recommend the centre to my friends, family and also my patients.

Dr. Kavita P. Pai
Consulting Endocrinologist
I came Prakruti when Sachin Tendulkar recommended me to Dr.Harshada Rajadhyaksha. I was little relunctant about treatment because I had been to many doctors (in UK & MUMBAI) for this injury but was not getting any results. When I first came here the confidence she gave me and the program she prescribed for me was so good that immediately it started showing results. I am a professional cricketer and played for Mumbai Ranji . I never got such serious injury in my cricket career. Now I am 37 years old and still going strong and full of confidence as if I am 26 years old. I really thank Dr.Harsada Rajadhyaksha for all the support and confidence which she gave me during my treatment time. I really wish her all the best.

Thank you Dr. Harshada Mam

-Amit Dani
My name is Isha Sharvani, I am a professional dancer and actress. The contemporary dance style that I perform is extremely rigorous and physically demanding.

Due to that, over the years I have had a host of injuries connected with my spine and knees, which I have never been able to treat in a systematic way so as to prevent it from reoccurring. It is problematic enough as a dancer not to be able to rehearse and sometimes perform due to chronic pain, but not to be able to find the right guidance for recovery in the short term and prevention in the long run is very frustrating. Conventional doctors told me I should just give up dance!

I have had the privilege of meeting Dr. Harshada Rajadhyaksha and Dr. Vipul Chavda over a year back. I am so thankful to them for treating me (helping me both when I needed to perform and did not have time for recovery, and for showing me the right exercises that have helped strengthen my body), for guiding me and for making me understand fitness in a new light

I am very grateful and touched by the care and concern they have showed me over the past year and strongly feel that under their guidance I will be able to sustain my career for longer, as well as maintain a level of fitness and health that will last and help me through out my life.

- Isha sharvani

Many moons ago during a period of angst and upheaval,
When the mind and the body did not harmonise,
A twist of the knee caused some pain,
But more of fear and thoughts inane!

The bone surgeons fevered the anxiety
Of tibial fractures and torn menisci,
They restricted walking
And forbade climbing
Making personal and professional existence so trying;
Till a chance encounter with an old friend
Who forthwith did me to Prakruti send,
Where the experienced and beauteous director
Read my X rays and M.R.I.s so wisely
She smiled and expostulated so sagely,
"It's a very small problem, we'll set it right."
And all at once my fears took flight!

At this temple of mind, body and soul called Prakruti
She put me through a holistic regimen
Of easy diets, cardio and muscle enhancement -
These 'temple' visits became an addiction.

The pheromones soared
The spirit flourished
The slovenly body started to tone,
Working out to music one cherished
Treading and stepping
Cross training and leg pressing
The entire scenario of dumbbells at dawn
Daily beckoned -
The energetic team led by Harshada,
With efficient Ketan, smiling Sumit and effervescent Riya,
Bubbly Sheetal, prancing Pratik and merry Madhura.

And what makes Prakruti truly the best
Is the incredible zest
With which they cure your problem
And also rejuvenate the rest!

Thank you Prakruti, for your all round care,
The treatments and the fun you always share,
May God bless you all the way,
Each moment, each hour, each passing day.

Dr. Aban J. Movdawalla
I first visited prakruti clinic to treat my severe knee and neck pain. Rather than medicate or suggest surgery, they recommended an exercise routine based on my then current workout and sports activities.

Their program was a combination of targeted exercises and diet suggestions. Not only did I benefit in terms of being almost pain free but have come to view their program as a means to a healthy and balanced life style. While exercise is important, the key is to do it correctly with professional guidance so that you do not cause yourself any long term physical injury.I cannot stress enough how important it is to start on physical fitness and conditioning programs early in life.

-Vijay Bhimani