Fresh Graduate
Fresh Graduate

Dear Fresh Graduate (Any Stream):

If you are looking for a career in Sports Management / Gym Management, we offer a strong and dependable foundation for your future studies. Work with us for 11 months as a "Management Trainee" and gain experience in all aspects of management (including front desk, accounts and finance, taxation, HR, etc.); exercise and fitness, sports rehabilitation, diet and nutrition.

What you need before you apply:

  • A Graduate degree in any field.
  • A pleasant and agreeable personality, good IP relations, ambition and motivation.
  • An interest in sports, fitness and health.
What you can expect:

A starting salary of Rs. 8000/- pm, which can increase up to Rs. 15000/- pm over the period of 11 months (at the discretion of the management, and based solely on performance-evaluation)
Our clinic runs from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and your timings will span over this period. Your weekly holiday will be Sunday, and you will get up to 2 weeks vacation throughout the 11 months (including all sick and casual leave). Clinic remains closed on National holidays only, no bank holidays. We take a few important religious holidays.
You are expected to build a habit of exercise, and will be allowed the use of our gym facilities. You can also start a healthy diet plan with us if you wish. After the initial 2 months period, you may be offered monetary incentives linked to Sales/ PR. At the end of your 11 month training, you will receive a certificate, as well as an experience/recommendation letter. You may also be offered a job with us and can continue to grow with our company.