Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation includes multiple interventions to improve cardiac patient’s physical, psychological and social functioning. It stabilizes, slows down or even reverses the progression of underlying atherosclerotic processes.

Research shows that exercise based cardiac rehabilitation has been proved to be effective in reducing the deaths caused due to heart diseases by 20-32% as compared to patients undergoing usual medical care

Services offered at Prakruti

  •  Prevention and Rehabilitation of Cardiovascular diseases
  •  Rehabilitation after Cardiac Surgery (CABG/Plasty)
  •  Fitness testing and exercise prescription for all age groups
  •  Diet evaluation, Nutritional counselling and Weight management
  •  Consultation with a Life Coach for emotional and goal management
  •  Pain management
  •  Comprehensive cardiac package that offers all the above services

All exercise sessions are supervised by trained physical therapists experienced in the field of rehabilitation ant the response to exercise is monitored using vital parameters like HR, BP, RR, SpO2